International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems and National Conference on Advanced Robotics (ARIS & NCAR 2021) - Selected Proceedings

Serving as the flagship conference of the Robotics Society of Taiwan (RST), the ARIS & NCAR 2021 continues to promote advanced and novel robotics technologies by providing a forum for international researchers from the academia and industries to


Message from the General Chair
ARIS Best Student Paper Award: 1112-Formation Control Using Output Recurrent Fuzzy Broad Learning System and Incremental Hierarchical Sliding Mode Control for Multiple Ball-Riding Robots with UncertaintiesPai-Yu Ou yang, Feng-Chun Tai, and Ching-Chih Tsai
NCAR最佳學生論文獎-第一名: 1090-具順應性關節之橫向抓枝機器人能量累積及碰撞緩衝研究黃婕瑜、林紀穎
NCAR最佳學生論文獎-第二名: 1067-漸凍症患者之智慧腦波溝通及神經回饋訓練系統開發與驗證吳忠哲、劉益宏、李春穎
1005-BitRacer-中小學 STEM 機器人教育的學習平台 林立中、蘇景暉、李齊雄
1011-Place Recognition Enhancement for Autonomous Mobile Robot: Box Bounding vs. Pixel SegmentationYu-Jen Li and Chih-Hung G. Li
1012-3D Shadow-Robust Visual Object DetectionJui-Ting Wu and Chih-Hung G. Li
1013-Optimization of Mecanum Wheels for Mitigation of AGV VibrationMing-Hsun Ying and Chih-Hung G. Li
1014-Detection of Piled Objects Using RGB-D Faster R-CNNAntonio P. Doroliat, Chih-Hung G. Li, Wan-Jen Li, and Jenn-Jier J. Lien
1015-Preliminary Study of planar motion tracking control system based on deep learning object detection methodMing-Chang Lin and Yu-Ming Hsu
1016-Development of Innovative Micro-Shape-Memory-Wire Drive Robot in Engineering EducationRen-Jung Chang, Yung-Yi Kuan, and Yi-Tang Wang
1017-Optimal Path Planning of RGV Based OHT Dispatching System Using A-star Algorithm with Conditional SimulationYann Shuoh Sun
1018-The Early Deployment of Robot Picking Systems Using Auto Picking Point AnnotationCheng-Han (Lance) Tsai, Jen-Yuan (James) Chang, Eduin E. Hernandez, and Luis F. Garcia
1020-Using Pattern Recognition and Internet of Things to Improve Energy Recovery VentilationChen-Yu Pan and Hsieh-Chih Hsu
1023-Policy Gradient Fuzzy Posture Learning for Frontal Plane Balance of a Biped WalkerChun-Hang Hsu, Tsan-Yu Chen, Ying-Hao Yu, and Quang Ha
1026-Adaptive localization for robot manipulatorsTeng-Hu Cheng, Yin-Long Yan, Zhe-Hui Chen, Chien-Yu Wu, Shu Huang, and Chin-Chi Hsiao
1038-Development of Innovative Wheel Modules for Indoor Powered WheelchairsWei-chen Lee, Yan-cheng Wang, and Jyun-an Yao
1040-Social and Safety Monitoring for Pandemic with YOLOChia-Ling Chung, Hooman Samani, Li-Yu Yu and Chan-Yun Yang
1041-Crowd Monitoring for Pandemic using Mask R-CNNDing-Bang Chen, Hooman Samani, Chan-Yun Yang, and Gene-Eu Jan
1042-The Design of Deep-Learning-Based Commodity Identification System for Smart Shopping CartShin-Yeu Yeh and Ying-Jen Chen
1050-The Design of Deep-Learning-Based Facial Recognition System for Smart Shopping CartChing-Ya Liu and Ying-Jen Chen
1054-ArduBot-108 課綱的機器人專題學習平台陳永凱、蘇景暉、李齊雄
1058-Improving Image Captioning with Multi-Attention through a Hybrid Attention MethodHsin-Ting Wu, Alan Liu, and Kuan-Hao Lai
1060-Task-Oriented Automatic Steering for AMR Utilizing Depth Vision Deep LearningWei-Chih Chen and Chih-Hung G. Li
1062-Error reduction of solar forecasts by zero-mean adjusted compositionShuo-Yan Chou and David Wacker
1071-Comparison of Different Offset Arrangements of Roller Followers of Constant-Diameter Cam MechanismsYen-Nien Chen and Kuan-Lun Hsu
1079-A Study on Grinding Path Concatenation Algorithms Based on Cyber-Physical Robotic SystemsChih-Hsuan Shih
1082-Wait and Replan Approach for Conflict Resolution in Traffic Control of Multiple Automatic Guided VehiclesYu-Ju Chiu, Chun-Sheng Wang, and Feng-Li Lian
1091-Depth-image Based 3D Point Cloud on Mobile Carrier-Based Personnel Tracking SystemChia-Ming Liu, Chun-Yao Lin, Kuan-Wei Zeng, and Yen-Lin Chen
1099-2021 人形機器人魔術秀:硬幣魔術孫煜翔、Hanjaya Mandala、Jacky Baltes、Saeed Saeedvand
1100-A Human-Following Robot Using Human Skeleton and Pedestrian Dead ReckoningYuan-Ting Fu, Chih-Ming Hsu, and Yu-Fan Wu
1106-Robinion Sr: Lightweight Humanoid Robot PlatformJaesik Jeong, Guilherme H. G. Christmann, Jeehyun Yang, and Jacky Baltes
1112-Formation Control Using Output Recurrent Fuzzy Broad Learning System and Incremental Hierarchical Sliding Mode Control for Multiple Ball-Riding Robots with UncertaintiesPai-Yu Ou yang, Feng-Chun Tai, and Ching-Chih Tsai
1113-Mixed Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Mobile PlatformHsiu-Ting Chang, Feng-Chun Tai, and Ching-Chih Tsai
1115-An Integrated Design Process Combining Yan’s Design Methodology with Geometric Constraint Programming - A Case Study of Ackerman Steering MechanismsTung-Hsin Pan, Kuan-Lun Hsu, and Yu-Hsun Chen
1120-Motion Planning and Navigation Control of a Multifunctional Gyro-Stabilized Two-Wheeled Deformable RobotChieh-Wei Tsai, Feng-Chun Tai, and Ching-Chih Tsai
1121-The Design and Construction of Mecanum Wheel Tracking Shopping Cart Applying UWB TagsChih-Yang Chen and Ying-Jen Chen
1125-Obstacle-Avoidance Path Planning Based on Delaunay TriangulationGene Eu Jan, Ming Che Lee, Chaomin Luo, and Wei Fan Chiang 
1132-Torque Estimation Technique for Harmonic Drive ActuatorsChih-Yuan Li, Chun-Yeon Lin, and Han-Pang Huang
1136-Automatic Wheel Fault Detection of Omni-directional Vehicle with Mecanum WheelP. I. Chang, S. C. Fan-Chiang, and C. Y. Lan