2023 MMSL Online Business Matchmaking Forum -Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Labs, ITRI


We cordially invite you to partake in this international online forum for the mechanical and mechatronics field, organized for the first time by Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories (MMSL)! We look forward to bringing together international businesses, academic organizations and research institutes for further collaboration.

In this forum, not only will you have the opportunity to learn about Taiwan’s leading innovative technologies in the field of mechanical and mechatronics systems, but a matchmaking platform will also be available for all participants in order to explore future online or offline collaborations. 

In just 100 minutes, you will get to learn about Taiwan's leading-edge technologies in the mechanical and mechatronics systems field, including green energy and net zero emissions, smart factory, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, drones and robotics. Don't wait, sign-up now!

  • Date: 2023.01.11
  • Time: 15:00 - 16:40 (PST)/18:00- 19:40 (EST)
  • Registration: https://forms.gle/bhcLSnMYDaqw7Caa9
  • Contact: Erika Ho / erika_ho@itri.org.tw
  • Agenda:  
    Time Content Speak

    15:00-15:05 (PST)
    18:00-18:05 (EST)

    Opening Remarks
    Bing-Shiang Yang
    Deputy General Director, MMSL, ITRI
    Smart Mobile Vehicles

    15:05-15:15 (PST)
    18:00-18:15 (EST)

    EV Transmission and Chassis
    John Tsao
    Deputy Manager of Precision Transmission Technology Department, MMSL, ITRI 

    15:15-15:25 (PST)
    18:15-18:25 (EST)

    Introduction of ITRI Autonomous Vehicle
    Victor Lu
    R&D Manager of Self-Driving Vehicle Department, MMSL, ITRI 

    15:25-15:35 (PST)
    18:25-18:35 (EST)

    Multi-Axis Motion Control Solutions
    James Feng Chi Lee
    Manager of Mechatronics Control Department, MMSL, ITRI 

    15:35-15:45 (PST)
    18:35-18:45 (EST)

    Heavy Lift Drone Technology
    Sheng-Fan Wen
    Researcher of UAS Technology Department, MMSL, ITRI 

    15:45-15:50 (PST)
    18:45-18:50 (EST)

    Smart Manufacturing

    15:50-16:00 (PST)
    18:50-19:00 (EST)

    Challenges, Opportunities and Future Directions of Smart Manufacturing
    Wei-Der Chung
    Manager of Industrial Networking Technology Department, MMSL, ITRI

    16:00-16:10 (PST)
    19:00-19:10 (EST)

    Microwave Annealing for Semiconductor
    Kun-Ping Huang
    Manager of Low Carbon Thermal Energy Application Technology Department, MMSL, ITRI

    16:10-16:20 (PST)
    19:10-19:20 (EST)

    Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
    Jui-Mei Hsu
    R&D Manager of Brittle Material Equipment Technology Department, MMSL, ITRI

    16:20-16:30 (PST)
    19:20-19:30 (EST)

    AI Robotics in ITRI
    Shu Huang
    Division Director of Intelligent Robotics Technology Divison,

    16:30-16:40 (PST)
    19:30-19:40 (EST)

    Discussion and conclusions
    Bing-Shiang Yang
    Deputy General Director, MMSL, ITRI

◎ Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is Taiwan’s largest non-profit applied research institute. Headquartered in Hsinchu and with local offices in the United States, Europe and Japan, ITRI focuses on the industrialization of innovative technology and aids with the establishment of startups and local businesses. It has made meaningful contributions to society through the fields of mechanical and mechatronics systems, electronic and optoelectronic systems, materials and chemicals, biomedical technology and devices, information and communications and green energy and environment. ITRI’s technology capabilities has also received high praise from global research institutes, including Top 100 Global Innovators, R&D 100 Awards, Edison Awards and CES 2022 Innovation Awards.


◎  Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Labs (MMSL)
Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories (MMSL) has invested effort over many years into achieving intelligent, ecofriendly, and micro-precision core technologies. From intelligent robot and automation systems, the design and manufacturing of thin films, to intelligent mechatronics and advanced vehicles, all of the technologies applied have reached a commendable level of sophistication, based upon which MMSL will continue to move forward. MMSL links up with the world through innovative and advanced technologies. Our technical breakthroughs have been highly recognized in the international arena, and help to create a wider variety of technologies and products. MMSL has mastered technology platforms, and takes the lead in related industries with projects based on foresight. Through cooperation among industry, academia and international communities, we have developed innovative and advanced technologies, and encourage our staff to establish innovation-oriented startups, thereby promoting the spirit of mechanics.

★ Smart Vehicle


★ Smart Manufacturing